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Find out why vintage shop owners from around the world are joining the first membership community of its kind.

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Get connected with shop owners around the world. Find out how to increase your numbers.

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Learn what is trending in the industry and source better product for your store.

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Get your employees to increase their sales through building relationships with your customers.

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Look professional with over 1000 industry images and store management forms.

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Take the Leading Edge Over Your Competition

The competitive edge in business comes from being aware of the latest trends, fresh ideas, business models, promotional concepts, and ways to save or make money in your business and industry.

  • Create displays that cry out “buy me”
  • Ways to manage people to maximize performance
  • Ways to optimize each customer for multiple sales, referrals, and opinions
  • Increase average transaction size with user-friendly techniques .
  • Create a compelling environment that invites customers back .

Learn The Secrets to Work Smarter Not Harder

The Dust Factory Membership site provides an easy-to-use method of staying on top of your industry without spending time researching — it’s all here for you on one website!

  • Write communication to your customers that they cannot wait to read
  • on the cutting edge of e-commerce initiatives
  • Learn new ways to differentiate your business
  • Increase average transaction size with user-friendly techniques
  • Create promotions that draw throngs of people to your front door

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What Members Are Saying


"I was a bit hesitant at first but now I am overwhelmed by the information, there is so much to learn."

"Beth Whitney"

"I signed up all of my managers as members, the information is priceless."

"Joshua Alexander"


"I wish this was available when I first opened my store ten years ago."

"Bill Tatcher"

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is Dust Factory Membership?

Dust Factory Membership is your leading online exclusive membership to improve your understanding of Vintage Retail. Our online vintage store management methods promote sound fundamentals, critical analysis, video analysis, experimentation, targeted practice, and expert feedback.

How much will this cost?

You can sign up for weekly retail tips & subscribe to our blog and YouTube channel completely free. However, if you are serious about improving your bottom line you can join our exclusive community and gain access to our ever growing vintage store managment training components for a very reasonable annual fee.

What if I am just starting a vintage store?

We love newbies too. The Dust Factory Membership has sections covering the absolute beginner to the advancing expert. Dust Factory members also range from just opening a store, to those with five stores and everything in between.

Can I learn this stuff online?

The purpose of Dust Factory membership is not to replace your current business structure. Our goal is to provide an online resource/community dedicated to one simple concept, how to improve your bottom line the fastest.

Can I Join with Paypal?

We recommend using Stripe as a safe online payment solution for joining our membership. We do offer other solutions if you are unable to process a payment via our Stripe account.

Do you offer private instruction & consulting?

Sure, if you want to learn to more about vintage retail you can join the premium section for one on one consulting. We are also available to come visit you and work with you and your manager. Also, if you sign up for our email updates we will announce upcoming live events

Why did you start the Dust Factory membership Site?

First because we love to share what we have learned over the years. With over twenty years in the industry from retail development to international distribution, we realized there was not a lot of support or options for people looking to improve their bottom line. When we started over 15 years ago there was no support out there, we learned from trial and error and by building support groups to discuss numbers and sales tools. We wanted a place online where anyone from anywhere could have access to the best tools and information.

What benefits do I get as a Dust factory member?

As a Dust Factory member you will have access to our exclusive videos archive, worksheets, private blog, member share vault, and private member forum where you can ask questions, follow case studies, and get video feedback.

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