Dallas Box 42pc // Premium Collection


Vintage Boutique Box 42 pcs 40 lbs

Pschycobilly rockers and Texas Tea, the Dust Factory Dallas Boutique Box is 42 pieces of premium men's and women's vintage tops, jackets, pants, shorts, t-shirts and more.

Check out the video below to see what is in the box!

The collection has an classic urban influence mixed with a southern vibe. As you can see the box features classic vintage denim, leather, t-shirts, jackets, tie dye, active wear, street wear and more. All with a range of sizes from 26w-35w. Perfect for and fall winter collection.

The video was made to give you an idea of what you are getting in your box. The footage is very raw to say the least. Please feel free to silence, stop, pause & speed up the video at your leisure.


Vintage Mens & Womens Boutique Box 42 pcs

  • Shipping Weight: 40lbs
  • 1 – in Stock
  • Grade: 1

The Dust Factory Boxes are set up for boutique buyers who need specific styles. Each box is made up of a variety of pieces that reflect a specific style with a range of categories and sizes. The first of it’s kind, each boxes contents are visible before purchase.

REQUIREMENTS: Boxes are sold as is. No exchanges or replacements.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Brick & Mortar Location/s, established clientele, price points and marketing schedules.


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