Rock Tshirt Mix (12pck)


12 Vintage Concert & Band T-shirts for Men & Women. A staple to American Culture. Collection from the 1980's-1990's concert and band promotion tees.


12 Vintage Concert & Band T-shirts for Men & Women

Rock T-shirts are a staple to American Culture. From youth to adulthood the type of music that defines us can be promoted on our t-shirts. From underground rock concerts to urban street parties, never before has a t-shirt collection represented a part of who we are. This amazing collection of band t-shirts are all graded from the 1980’s – 1990’s.

Item # 124
Fabric: poly/cotton, cotton
Eras: 80’s – 00’s
Style: Unisex
Grades: Mix Brands
Pieces: 12 Minimum ($9.00 Per Piece)

*Please Note that the photo is only a sample of the type of items we use for our mix. Generally our packs come with a size run of 4 small 4 medium 3 large 1 xl. Each pack is original and one of a kind, no two packs are alike.