Vintage Western Cowboy Snap Shirts (50lbs)


50lbs Vintage Western Cowboy Snap Shirts

Item # 1227
Fabric: Cotton and acrylic blends
Eras: 70’s – 90’s
Style: Mens, Womens
Grades: Mix Brands
Weight: 50lbs

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50lbs Vintage Western Cowboy Snap Shirts

From the Gold Rush of 1848 to the last performance of Johnny Cash, the legendary “cowboy western shirt” has withstood the test of time. Throughout history, pioneers have been busy breaking in and showing off these comfortable, cotton, western cut, pearl snapped shirts. Worn as both a practical work shirt and a flashy costume piece, the Roscoe Western encompasses the fit and feel of the past while lending itself to the growing style of today.

*Please Note that the photo is only a sample of the type of items we use for our mix. Generally our bales come with a range of styles and sizes ranging from sm to xl. Each bale is original and one of a kind, no two bales are alike.

Product Info:

The Dust Factory Bales are a wholesale mixed offering of mens and womens vintage clothing sold by the pound.

Our vintage bales consist of both men’s and women’s recycled or reused clothing from the 60’s through the early 2000’s. Some of our items are from specific dates.

Each bale reflects the best condition, size-run and style of pieces. We sift through millions of pounds of clothes each year looking for the best vintage for our customers. We weed through the uncool, pulling out the good stuff for our accounts. With a dedicated warehouse staff that has extensive retail experience, we know what sells and make sure that each mix is getting an accurate size run and styles for the highest potential retail mark-up.

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Weight 50 lbs

Mens, Womens